My Wife & Dieting (Continued)

My wife is continually trying to loose weight.  We are in the process of overhauling my daughters playroom.  Just prior to that we did a bit of spring cleaning.  After disposing of her climbing machine she requested I bring her Gazelle in.  Now she is trying to find places for the rest of her equipment.

I never was a big person for home gyms, but knowing that this is all helping my wife out I have put aside my differences.  She is loosing weight, and she is happy.  That is all that matters.  She is a bit tired, and cranky at times, but she gets through it.  (When I say at times I mean that there is more times that she is cranky than she isn’t.)

I love my wife, and I am very proud of the effort that she is putting forward.  She isn’t on the DVR as much at this point.  Matter of fact… the DVR is so backed up with things she hasn’t watched that it is going to take us weeks to catch up.

She lost @70+ lbs. in the first 2 classes that she is in, and she is trying to loose more.  After this class she will discuss with me having a second child.

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One Response to My Wife & Dieting (Continued)

  1. Meanwhile, you kettle are calling Debbie pot black. Who is cranky?