My Wife and Jewelry

Many people ask me why I don’t wear a ring since I am married.  We both stopped wearing our wedding rings because they were uncomfortable for both of us.  For me the biggest reason was that I didn’t want to short any electronics out while working on things.  I am considering starting to wear my ring again, and I am sure that she will eventually want to wear hers.  We are both very stable in our relationship, so a ring doesn’t matter either which way.

For years my wife hasn’t worn much jewelry.  This was because of a lot of factors.  Since she started loosing some weight she has surprised me lately by wearing some of her neckalces, and such.  I joked with her the other day that the price of gold was getting high enough for me to want to get rid of anything we may have, but she said that she wouldn’t allow it.

Do you know anyone that is married, and doesn’t wear their ring?

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