My Wife and Dieting

My wife never stops amazing me with her weight loss, and her routine.  Practically everyday she goes for her walks, and eats correctly.  She is doing a spectacular job at loosing the weight.  She has lost @80 lbs. since starting this diet class that she is in.

It isn’t training, or anything.  They more or less discuss eating issues, and how to loose the lbs.  This seems better than the best diet pills that money can buy.

My daughter, and I are very proud of Deb.  We try to support her in everything she does, and try not to tempt her with things that she doesn’t need.

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2 Responses to My Wife and Dieting

  1. Vegetables are a large part of my diet. I like eating healthy. I can’t believe how good for me it has been. I’ve lost a lot of weight just by changing my diet.

  2. I try to count my calories. Im doing protein shakes to help with hunger. I wish I could walk more. Competition helps some people a lot.