My Town… What a Lovely Town.

While most people have issues in there towns, mine seems to have a bunch. The best one I have seen in the past is the code enforcer that told me he can only enforce what the town council wants him to. We have renters that live in non-co’d living spaces, we have houses that are unsightly, and that is just the start.

I just got word that my lovely town has apparently made an ordinance that will bar people from washing their car. While I can’t fully understand what their intentions are because the soap we use on our car is no worse than the water that people backwash from their pools, or the detergents used in the power-washing of their homes.  I may have wrong information, but anything is possible.

While I can understand that the worlds ecosystem is messed up, I really don’t think someone washing their car is going to do much, considering the levels of pollution, and all of the illegal dumping that goes on. I have read through the DEP website, and a lot of other resources. I can successfully state that if the town doesn’t abolish this ordinance, then they are opening themselves to lawsuits that they can’t handle. Illegal prosecution is the first, and maybe the State will discipline the town, as they are not following the mandate that was issued, and the town cannot override the State entities. Below is a clip from another site that apparently saw the same issue.

I can assure you that there is no such pending regulation prohibiting residents from washing their vehicles. Atlantic Highlands Borough Clerk Dwayne Harris was either confused or misquoted in the Asbury Park Press article. I have personally spoken to Mr. Harris and explained to him that the requirements only apply to municipally owned vehicles.

The permit, and requirements are at:

I think my town needs to worry about the real issues at hand. We have had steady tax increases, and to be honest… NOTHING has changed here, short of the twisted mentality of the town council that approves these things. I don’t know about you, but this political style of living where the town can do no wrong has got to be stopped. We have a Mayor whose wife apparently went on a school bus, and made “improper” comments to a child. We have a Mayor who obviously isn’t a model citizen, as he has “domestic” issues upon him. We have a police department that wants more new cars, and they can’t handle not breaking what they have.
Is it possible to have the State come, and run a town?

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