My Neighbor and Their IPod.

I am a technically savy person, because I have been into technology since I was in high school.  I have learned to never give a “non-technical” person any sort of technology unless it is something that can be operated by an infant.

We were at my neighbors, and they stated that they couldn’t figure out how to jump chapters on the IPod.  My wife looked at it, and figured it out rather quickly.  (This from a totally non-technical person)  I know a lot of people that have ipods, and most have no issues.  In general I have no use for an IPod, but it seems that a good portion of the world is using ipods.

Having looked at some of the newer units, and their operation I can state that the technology has come a long way.  You can get ipods of almost any type, and size.

I have a blackberry, so I will not need an ipod anytime soon.

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