My Little Shopper

I have my own personal bargain hunter.  My wife makes it a point to shop around at every store until she finds the right sales.

She finds things that would make great gifts, etc. when they are way below retail, and buys them.  Then she stocks them in the attic.  We have a running joke that when we need something she needs only go to the attic, and look.

She saves us a lot of money by doing what she does, and I really appreciate that.  I just get annoyed with how long it takes her when she goes to stores.  This is the only woman I know that takes 2 hours to pick up 1 thing.

Does anyone else have a wife, or personal shopper like mine?

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2 Responses to My Little Shopper

  1. Pat…When my wife goes shopping it is one of the only times she gets time alone.  With me working, and the little one needing parental guidance it is not easy to get alone time much.  She enjoys getting out, and looking.  That is how she finds such good deals most of the time.

  2. Saving time is being out less–so those hours in the store must get factored in.