My Little One Makes Me Laugh

As part of growing up my little one tries to understand things that are going on.  She always asks lots of questions, and tries to help us make a difference in things.  We have shown her that we don’t want to hurt her with our smoking, and that’s why we smoke outside.  That was a change from smoking inside, and anywhere we needed.  We went away to Disney in April for Easter, and I got a really nice tan.  Well, recently my tan started peeling, and she noticed.  She came to me, and asked if I had eczema.  It was actually just my tan coming off.  She thought that it was something that was genetic because my wife explains to her that somethings are genetic.  I am waiting for her to ask about my “Disappearing Hair”.

She gets her sense of humor from her mother,and thank god that isn’t genetic because her grandma,and grandpa are a little short in that department.  Kids are so priceless.  No matter how you look at it they are wildcards in life.  We all need to respect our children a bit more because they will most likely outlive us for the most part.

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One Response to My Little One Makes Me Laugh

  1. Short in one thing but perhaps long in others.