My Job…1 Month In…Learning A Lot

I have come to terms that to pay the bills I must work some sort of job until my business picks up again.  I started working at Sony just a bit over a month ago.  I get along with everyone for the most part rather well.  All of the managers are exceptional people.  I am a professional in a lot of the technology.  I will never say Expert, as that is a redundant claim for those that make it.  I am the installation professional, as I have done installations for @10+ years.

The Sony Outlet is a normal store with the exception that we also carry the refurbished items.  Refurbished does not always mean that someone has had the item.  Refurbished 9 out of 10 times means that something wasn’t working correct when it came out of production, and by law it gets marked refurbished after repair.

Everyone makes the team grow.  I don’t want to leave my job at Sony, but the only problem that I have is that I am just not making the money that I need in order to keep my family above water.

I try to keep the boss happy, and I try to sell as much as I can.  I don’t make commission on the product.  I only make it on any warranty sales that I make.  The ESP plans aren’t the scam that most people think that they are.  ESP comes in handy if you have anything from a portable device to a tv.  Portable devices can get what is called accidental damage.  If almost anything happens to the item it is covered.  (Fire, and theft are not covered)  With the tv’s you get an In-Home coverage if you purchase the extended warranty.  This is nice, as you don’t need to save the box, or be inconvenienced to ship the tv.

There is almost always some sort of sale going on.  The Playstation 3 units went from $267 to $219.  Then they dipped to $199.  Now they are back at $219.

Stop by your local Sony Style store.  There is only one Outlet in NJ, so stop by the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls, and ask for John.

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