My daughters cat Tigger

My daughter recently got a kitten for her birthday.  His name is Tigger.  As a kitten we found out that he was extremelly playful, and constantly terrorizing our other cats named Baby, and Spaz.

Over the past few weeks we have been noticing that Tigger, a male cat, seems to like to do very odd things.  He sits on the arm of one couch within 2 feet of our Green Cheeked Conure named Lucky, and just stares.  It is almost as if he is waiting for him to come out to play.  Another thing he does is that he will run full speed through the house, and then “Tuck and Roll.”  He has also decided that our Cockatoo Molly looks like a playtoy.  He will pace around under her cage, and stand within feet of her.  He hasn’t found out that it will hurt if she gets him without us noticing.

Now that stuff is fun to watch, but he has gotten a little perverted.  He now sneaks between the shower curtain, and the valance in the Master bathroom, and peaks in on anyone showering.  We usually just close the Master bedroom door, and leave the bathroom door open for some ventilation.  You would have to see the layout to understand…  Anyway, he will actually sit there, and stare at you.

Does anyone else have a cat that does anything similar to this?  Not sure how to resolve this short of closing the bathroom door, but being there is a tile floor we leave it open to get a little more heat in there, as getting out of a hot shower, and stepping onto a cold floor just isn’t desired.

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