My Daughter Today Really Did Amazing

Today we went on a timeshare tour of Holiday Inn Resorts. After all was said, and done the final closing agent was offering us some deals on renting for a year so that we could lock in our prices so that we could still keep the incentives possible for us.

The girl was finishing, and she mentioned to us about a charity that they match $1 for $1 that benefits children.  My wife, and I did not have any cash.  Our daughter turned to us, and said she wanted to donate.  We explained that this was entirely her choice.

She gave $3 to the fund.  We offered to give it back to her because she was so unselfish.  She is refusing, but we will do what we need to get it back to her.

My daughter seems to have more class, and concern than most adults I have run into in my life.

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One Response to My Daughter Today Really Did Amazing

  1. Your daughter is a wonderful little girl who loves all creatures big and small as well as all people. God bless her. She will make the world a better place