My Daughter & Acne

Lately my daughter has been noticing more, and more that her face is breaking out.  Well, a 9 year old should be noticing this because she is coming of that age where a lot of her body will be changing.

We are trying various different things until we find something that she is comfortable with for her acne problem.  I have checked out things like the nose strips, Acnetix, facial creams, and much more.

She didn’t like the nose strips because she claimed they hurt when they are taken off.  I have tried them myself, and I haven’t had any issue.

Anyone have a suggestion?  I need to find something for a fragile child.

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4 Responses to My Daughter & Acne

  1. I just started working with the Doctor’s that created proactiv. I am an adult and had issues with acne on my neck, chest and back. They have a product called unblemish…within 5 days my skin was clearing…the best part is that the spray contains ingredients that help fade the acne marks. They make unblemish for the face as well. Acne can be such an embarassing and really tormenting issue especially for young girls. My heart goes out to you. I am glad that you are looking for solutions, my mom just thought it would go didnt and i am lucky to not have scars…but my sister was not so lucky….she will have to pay thousands to have them removed….wendy

  2. I can tell you that my son is doing so much better with the help of a dermatologist.
    They are treating him from the inside as while as the outside! You reall want to make sure they are not the scarring kind of acne bumps. Cindi

  3. Tom…What is the doctor going to do other than tell us about what she should, and shouldn’t eat, and such things…?  Eventually we will go to the doctor when she has to see him for something else, or it gets worse.  I am not a strong believer in doctors.  Need we not forget… Doctors are paid liars, and they promote whatever company, or product is greasing the wheel at that time.

  4. Stop fangtacising and leave her alone or take her to the doctor’s and listen.