Muvee Reveal… My Findings

I finally got to testing Muvee Reveal last night.  Laptop screen died, and I had to get an external monitor on it in order to see what I was testing.


Muvee Reveal has 10 FREE styles included with it.  You can purchase other styles from the Muvee website.    Additional styles pricing varies based on the type of style you are looking for.  Muvee Reveal retails for $79.95.  To purchase you can click HERE to go to the Muvee website.  A 15 day FREE trial is available.

Previously I was using Muvee AutoProducer, and I liked it a lot.  I am willing to try anything new.  This software is very simple to use, and easy enough for younger people.  When you import your video you can also have it find the scenes, and break up accordingly.  Tonight we are going to let my wife, and daughter try it out to prove my point.  My wife is technically challenged, and my daughter is 9.

Some features include: Full Screen Preview, One Touch Transfer, HD Camera import, Multiple sharing methods, and others.

First you add your videos, and photos.  Then you pick the style you want to use.  Lastly add your music to the list.  Finally press PLAY to see the finished product.  After that you can burn, or whatever you want.

Within the next few days I will be running a contest that I will be giving away a Muvee Reveal package.  The actual product will be shipped by Muvee.

Over on the forums I read that they may be offering something down the road to be able to download other peoples created styles.  Another thing offered currently is the ability to create your own style.

I give Muvee Reveal a 9 out of 10.

Took off 1 point for it being too easy, and not having as many functions for me to be able to play around with.  (I am a technical guy, and like to toy with every aspect of things.)

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One Response to Muvee Reveal… My Findings

  1. Bet a technologically deficient old lady couldn’t work her way through it.