Music While You Work

I have been using a Sprint Hero for the last 8 months.  That phone was ok, but I am always looking for better phones.  Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the NEW Sprint Samsung Epic 4g phone.  More on that review later this weekend.

Over the past 2 years I have purchased many different things for my phone.  I have purchased things from bluetooth speakers to cases.  Several of the cases were truly garbage because they fell apart after a few months.  The one thing that I have been looking for to finish my collection is headphones.  I am looking to get a decent set of them so that when I am on a job, and want to listen to my mp3’s.  Most of the ones that I have tried are quite weak, and thus are worthless.  I wish they had some sort of wireless earbuds.  The wire going from the phone to my ear would be a little out of place.

I will have to keep searching headphone reviews in the hope that I find just 1 good set of headphones.

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