Moving TVs Around Our House

I just got done doing some tv movement in my house.  When my wife came home she was puzzled, and questioned me as if she was the German SAS.  Well, what I did was I moved my bedroom Panasonic 42″ down to the basement for storage temporarily until we redo my daughters room.  In its place I put a Sony 46″ tv.  I left my 42″ Samsung HDTV in the basement.  The basement tv is for the family when they want to watch a bluray, or play on the PS3, or Wii.  My living room tv is for watching tv, or playing on my PS3.  The bedroom tv is for watching tv, or viewing my computer.

I like my big screens, and there is no possible way that I am changing.  She has just recently started to understand the difference between low definition, and hi definition television.  Being we are on DirecTV I know that we are still receiving the most superior tv signal that is available.

Have you ever made a technology decision without consulting your wife, or hubby?  What was the outcome?

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