Moving To Accomodate Work

I have a friend that recently told me that his job was relocating him after many years of service.  He was rather upset with this decision because he got rather attached to the NY area.  He said that the company had to downsize, and needed him to go to another location, or be let go.

We were talking about his options for his move, and what he should do with everything that he has.  The company was willing to pay 100% of his move, so I told him to start getting in touch with some of the moving companies New York had to offer.

He agreed that he would have to just move, and deal with it.  Sorry that he has to go, but I am not one to argue with anyone when it comes to making a paycheck.

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One Response to Moving To Accomodate Work

  1. It all depends if the job has been checked out as well as gthe area one would move to. Lots of hidden considerations.