Mortgage Companies Are Very Annoying

I have been getting more, and more calls from various mortgage companies trying to get me to refinance my mortgage.  I have also been getting calls on an almost daily basis from my own mortgage company.  Why…?  Well, My mortgage is due on the 1st, or the 2nd.  I have a grace period till the 15th.  I have been paying my mortgage by the 15th for almost 2 years.  My wife, and I have tried telling the company to look at our records, and not call us until we are “Officially” late.  They keep telling me that they are legally allowed to call because they are attempting to collect a debt.  I think of it this way… I have a 2nd loan for our swimming pool.  If I don’t pay for that, then do they send out a crew to take the pool back?  We were discussing with a friend of ours how annoying the calls are, and he said to me that maybe down the road if anyone were ever to lose their house he would be curious what they would do when a customer just nags head foreclosures agents about their loan, or whatnot.

I understand why they want their money, but they do understand that money is tight for everyone, and they should be a little compassionate to the borrowers.

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