More Money Cuts To Be Made

Wife, and I are having the same issues 90% of NJ is having.  I am sure it is a problem that is going on everywhere, but living in NJ we are all in some serious hurting.  The governor is killing us, and he knows it is the worst part.  What a great state we live in over here.  Not that I agree with legalizing drugs, but maybe Corzine could do what they did in California to bring in some money.


Wife asked me if there was anyway that we could cut some of our insurance policy.  I told her that I would gladly get an auto insurance quote from a few of the big carriers, but it wouldn’t be a pretty site.  She didn’t understand until I came back with hard information.  Basically because we have been with Allstate for like 15 years we have special pricing, and discounts.  Those prices, and discounts wouldn’t apply to other companies because I haven’t been with them.

Do you have any suggestions about getting auto insurance cheap?

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