Money & Holiday Shopping

Being that money is tight, and I am not making the money that I need at my job the holidays will be a little tight this year.  I talked to the wife, and we decided that some of the things that we have done in the past will have to be cut back.

Things like our parties, and holiday gifts are just not going to be essential to living, so will be cut to the bare minimums.  I am sure that everyone is feeling the pinch, but for me I am feeling it bad.  I am so used to making great money with my business, but that slowed down because of our lovely economy.  Getting the job I have was supposed to help pay our bills, but it really isn’t helping much.  Hopefully something happens at work, and I can do something to make some more money.

What do you do with the falling economy, and things you do?

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One Response to Money & Holiday Shopping

  1. When my husband lost his job of 20 years and he was on unemployment we also felt
    the same crunch.
    We inactivated cell phones for 3 mos, dropped to a cheaper package for satellite, and
    I called my other credit cards to see what they could do.
    Luckily, I still had my job and we were able to make it thru.
    I always go to garage sales which help me find things cheap..clothes, decorations, etc..
    My husband now has a job he enjoys so all the pain endured was well worth it.