Money & Exercise Equipment

I took my wife out shopping the other day while we were waiting for my litte one to get done at a BDay party. We went to KMart since it was very close to where we were. I happened to stumble into the fitness area of the store, and noticed that they were running a special on a lot of different things.  I purchased a self propelled treadmill some years ago, and the wife has been asking me to get her a new one, so I mentioned it to her when I saw the sale price.  She told me that she appreciated my thoughts, but the money was a bit tight for me to get her a new treadmill at this point in time.

She told me to keep watching Craigslist, and EBay to see if I ran into any great deals.  I know she is still a bit bitter about the original treadmill because she always makes fun of the unit when she is talking to someone about how cheap I am at times.

Can a guy ever make his wife happy by trying to do something that he thinks is right?

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