Monday Moments 1


Monday Moments

During the Monday Moments anyone that comments on the photo will be entered into our contest to win a prize package of Starbucks Frappuccino, and some other gifts.


They’ve recently introduced a brand new flavor to their lineup – Vanilla Frappuccino Light. This rich beverage contains 50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar than their classic Vanilla flavor, making it that much easier to justify the indulgence!

As a participant in the Monday Moments I will be receiving some Frappuccino, and a tote thanks to YouCast.  YouCast is also supplying a prize for the winners of the contest.

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2 Responses to Monday Moments 1

  1. Candy in bulk containers and a purse full of change to buy it with. What a way to enjoy Monday! M&M’s please :)

  2. Looks like LeeAnn has somthing real important in her purse, she’s holdin on tight….& the candy behind her looks like Gourmet Jelly Beans = my fav flav..Mango NOW Im hungry for CANDY !!!!!!!