Monday – 12/1/08 – What a day!

I must start this by saying I take very good care of my truck, and I hate it when my vehicles break down.

This morning seemed rather normal for my life… I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.
I meet with my father to go do a rather full day of work. Leave… Transmission on truck acts up. Check everything, and all seems fine. Go to first job… All still good. Leave the first job…
Well, let’s just say my day went BAD… Quick.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the site my truck started blowing smoke. I happened to be on the phone with the transmission shop so that I could arrange the truck to go in for a check-up. I quickly stopped the truck in a safe location, and called my friend, Mike, and had him send a tow truck to pick up my truck.

Now my truck sits at the local transmission shop… waiting for the doctor to “Hit me over the head with a price.”

Meanwhile my wife is screaming at me that we can’t afford another vehicle, and she will now start riding a bicycle… (That’s not a good thing, as she gets very moody when she talks without thinking.) So now we are sharing a vehicle temporarily.

Does anyone agree that my week may be in for a lot of surprises? Usually if a week starts bad, it will end bad.

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