Medievel Times Lyndhurst Review


We were given the unique opportunity of reviewing the Medievel Times dinner show in Lyndhurst, NJ last week on Saturday the 10th of July.  We were attending the 4pm show.  Tickets can be purchased online, or at the door.  Some promotions are available to online purchasers only.

We ended up upgrading to Royalty for $10 per person.  There was another option to have guaranteed front row seats for $20 per person.  The Royalty that we purchased allows the guests to be seated within the first 2 rows of the seating areas.  You also receive a DVD, banner, and a souvenier program.  We noticed a sign to view the “Dungeon”, but declined because of our 10 year old daughter.

The "Real" Princesses

Upon entry you are greeted, and given “Crowns” to wear.  After receiving your crowns you are then stopped to take a photo with the king.  These photos are available during the show.  You will then be shown into the main hall.  In the main hall you will find various shops to purchase souveniers, and more.  During our wait we watched “Honored Guests” get called to be “Knighted” by the King.  Shortly before the show they begin calling colors of seating.  After being seated you meet up with your server.

The table had our banner, program, and DVD.  On the table was our plate, cup, and bowl.  There was a napkin with the nights menu on it.  The server took our drink orders, and told us that we could have up to “2” refills.  The show begins, and throughout the show food arrives.  First we received tomato bisque, and garlic bread.  Then came the roasted chicken, spare ribs, and the roasted potato.  Our daughter had an issue with the chicken because it was served with the wing still attached.  Mom detached the wing, but we all loved the food.

For dessert we received apple turnovers, and we got coffee to go with it.

Throughout the show you can purchase alcoholic beverages.

She Got A Flower From The Knight.

During the show the knight winners of the tournaments threw flowers to the people in the crowd.  Our daughter was overjoyed because she happened to get one.

Keep in mind that gratuity is not included in your charges.  You will have an opportunity to tip your server.

The show let out just before 6pm.

My daughter enjoyed the show so much that she asked us if we could take her there again for her 11th birthday in October.  We gladly told her we would.

The only thing that we found a bit off was the fact that you are only allowed 2 drinks.

Receiving tickets to Medievel Times had no result on our review.  We were given the tickets so as to review the show, and give our feedback.

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  1. We went to the one in Kissimee last February. Was fun.