Making My Android Work For Me

I have been playing around with my Android phone since I got it, and have found lots of things that it can do for me.  I was asked by many people why I didn’t get an IPhone, and it is simple… I don’t like Apple products as much as I like PC type products.  My Android has the Market, and in the market you can search for apps that you want.  Some cost, and some are FREE.  Recently I went to Florida, and the Walmart we went into didn’t have a price checker like we are used to.  I pulled out my Android, and immediatelly told the wife what the price was.  This was because I have an app called Barcode Reader.  This app turns your cell phone camera into a barcode scanner.  When you use it you can see the prices from all over the place.  If you have a Android phone, and could use an app like this, then make sure to go to the marketplace, and get it, or scan the image below.  I give this app a 10 out of 10.

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One Response to Making My Android Work For Me

  1. I like that feature. Gane on teaching it to me? Plock, plock!