Making Money By Blogging

I am new at the whole Blogging deal, but I can give anyone reading this some great information.  If you are looking to make money blogging, then I know my information will help. It may be some of the same information that you have read elsewhere, but I am new at this, and it is already working for me. My sites are @4 months old.

First, get a blog.  You can use any blogging community, but be warned… some pay type sites do not allow certain domain blogs.  Find a niche that suits what you want to write about.  Make sure your site is up, and running for at least 3-4 months prior to anything else.  This is because most search engines need this time to see your online presence.  Take this 3 months to make posts.  There is no right, or wrong answer to how many posts you must write, but I have found that the more posts… the more search- ability.  Try not to deviate from your niche much.  My blog is designed for multiple topics.  If it isn’t done right, then it may not work.

Second, interact with other blogs.  Post comments, and make friends.  Use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and any other community site to your advantage.  If you know someone that has a website that is willing to help promote you, then more power to you.  You will need backlinks, so anyone that will get your site on theirs is good.  Google rank increases when your site is seen to be noticed on other sites.  The rank doesn’t go up overnight, so keep typing, and publicizing.

Third, Search the web for “making money with your blog.”  You will find a cornicopia of information.  There is a large community of sites that will pay you for your posts, and there are also quite a few affiliate type programs.  A few for you to start with:

Commission Junction, Linkshare, PayingPost

In my first 3 months running I have earned in @$500.  This is due to my blogs are multi-platform.  Between sales of items that are advertised, pay-per-click, and item reviews, I have successfully put behind me the thought that I would not get anywhere.

PayingPost will make earning money fun.  You post a review, or article on a topic, and you get paid.  You can also get paid if you refer people to join PayingPost.  You can put something like the button below that will get others that want you to review something.

Hire Me Direct

As a blogger earning money may be important.  Using PayingPost is very easy.  You login, and search for jobs that you are eligible to complete.  The site is very easy to navigate.

Click HERE to review some information if you are interested.

Google rank, and some other factors are important, so remember to publicize whenever necessary.  I received @2000 unique visitors in my first month.  This was due to my niche.  I am passionate about Disney, and I write between 5 & 10 posts a week about Disney.  I don’t make any money off of the Disney information, but I write about other things that my family, and I experience, and purchase.

Last note… You may not always be accepted into a money program right away.  Try again after a few months.  Some sites want to see a track record before they commit to you.

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  1. What one says and how well one says it is the biggest thiing in communications. Blogging is just that. There is no guaranteed way to earn money. I personally will not pander my skills.