MagicJack Reviewed

My brother in law has had MagicJack for @ 2 months.  It was a very convenient item for him, and his family, as they are only temporarily staying with us, and needed a phone line.

Being that my computers are what are running his MagicJack I can go over what I have seen so far.

The initial installation was very easy.  Plug it in, and it does the rest of the work.  The last thing you need to do is fill in some information on the site, and a short time later the MagicJack starts working.

I am finding out that every 30 days you need to pull the MagicJack off of the computer for a few minutes, and then plug it back in.  That is the only thing that I find very ridiculous.  Their reasoning is that certain servers don’t like items sitting for more than 30 days without being reset.

All in all I find the MagicJack to be very economical, and convenient.  If you go away you can take it with you, and use it.  Just make sure you have a high speed internet connection.

Pricing is very reasonable.  I definitelly recommend the MagicJack.

The option to be able to port your existing number to the MagicJack is currently in the works, but they do say it will be ready in 2009.  That is what I am waiting for before I get the MagicJack.

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2 Responses to MagicJack Reviewed

  1. JMarsden92

    Pat…None that I know of.  I am getting it when porting becomes available.

  2. What are MagicJack’s disadvantages?