MagicJack Plus Second Week Review

Around my house we have been going through almost everything trying to cut bills.  One of our most recent cuts was our home phone service.  We were paying Verizon @$35 per month for a phone number with NO long distance.

First I checked out the Sprint phone system that goes onto your Sprint cellular account.  After finding out that there was a $20 charge monthly I quickly decided against it.  I recently heard the quality of this service while talking to someone.  I am very glad that I didn’t go that route.  It sounded like the other party was talking through a tin can.

What I did was I went online and did some research on the NEW MagicJack Plus unit.  The first thing I did was to make sure that my home number could be ported over.  Yes.  The next thing was to confirm faxing capability.  Yes.


Let’s talk about savings…

The cost for MagicJack Plus service is $29.99 per year.

Installation was a snap.  Plug the MagicJack Plus into the computer, and register the unit.  Then take the unit and plug it directly into your router.  No other work needs to be done.  After that you can go to the My MagicJack site to configure anything else you need.

With that being said I must forewarn everyone so that they avoid aggravation later.

Magicjack Plus is capable of faxing.  The hitch is that the fax machine needs to be capable of auto speed changing.  This is common with most run of the mill fax machines.  I have a Magicolor 4690MF that will probably work, but being I haven’t found the correct sequence of changes to the TX settings I had to put my old fax/printer online just for faxing.

With all the money we are trying to save we should be able to keep living the way we are, but the difference is that the economy isn’t going to make me a statistic.  Maybe this year I will even get to send out holiday cards because I can actually afford them this year.

I will update everyone again in a few more weeks after I have tried it out a bit longer.

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  1. Did this work for you? Did it still work after a few weeks of working with it? Does MagicJack have spyware? I read that it does and although I like the pricetag I’m also conscerend about privacy. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    also, any way that you can email me the answers to my questions? I found your blog on a public computer search.

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