MagicJack – 1st Impressions


1st impressions are important in this day, and age. I am not a person that is for major change in life. My bro-in-law ordered Magicjack, and I installed it. That is a gadget that I wish I could have invented.

When you first get it you plug it into a usb slot on a computer that has internet connectivity.  After plugging it in the software is downloaded, and run automatically.  Next you go through the setup, and choose your phone number.  From there on the system works without any user intervention.  You actually don’t even need to touch the computer anymore.

I never got Magicjack because I was always needing call forwarding.  After reading the information the other night I find that call forwarding is now available.

My next door neighbor just shut down his home phone, and cable tv.  The price Comcast was charging was getting outrageous.  I put in a sale through my company for DirecTV, and he ordered Magicjack.  The cost of $19.95 a year is great.

I think the best part is that if you travel throughout the US, then you take the Magicjack with you, and you can use that for your phone service at hotels, etc.

You can have directory assistance, voicemail, caller id, call waiting, and more for FREE.

The biggest concern I have is what will they charge in a year, or two when a lot more people have Magicjack?

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2 Responses to MagicJack – 1st Impressions

  1. It is a very interesting gadget.  If I knew anyone needing to save some money I would recommend this.

  2. I just don’t understand computers and the internet. I will refer this to hubby.