Looking For A Job

I have been doing a little bit of job searching over the past few weeks in the hope of finding something that would help put my mind at ease when it comes to the bills in my house.  I know now that putting my business on the side is almost out of the question because as my uncle says… “There is no roof on the money I can make.”  This is right, but there is the other side that is “There is also no floor on the money I can make.”  With a regular job I would have benefits like unemployment, disability insurance, job security, and guaranteed money.  At the same time I also know that I can make far more than the average 9-5 person 0n the street.

I have finally made up my mind that I will keep my business running, and keep away from the regular job thing.  This became evident when I got a “Phone Interview” for a position.  I had no warning, or anything.  I was a little off guard, so the phone interview didn’t go so well.  Funny part is that it seems that people with 4-5, or more years experience are looked at like they are gods.  Let me tell you something… I have been in business since the early 90’s, and I haven’t failed.  Someone that has worked as a manager doesn’t stand in a crowd with me, and I guarantee that.  This also taught me another valuable thing, and that is to never do more than expected when working as a contractor.  You aren’t appreciated enough.  My new philosophy is to hold anyone responsible for a mistake fully accountable.

Have you ever been troubled with this type of situation?

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2 Responses to Looking For A Job

  1. Yes I see your point, but it is also a mess out there right now. A lot of people that had a business no longer do. Can’t help it different things happened…. The Economy is not helping, things are hard all over. Don’t give up on a regular job, I had one for years and unemployment too. It was nice to have that to fall back on. While I got an other job. Good Luck, Keep an open mind….

  2. “There is no roof on the money I can make,” means one thing to your uncle; however, it can also mean a deluge of rain or snow in bad weather.