Living With The Economy

My family, and I live in NJ.  We have for our entire lives.  I have a hard enough time currently keeping busy enough with my work.  I am a contractor that does computer work, home theater work, closed circuit tv work, and more.  How anyone can survive the economy right now is the biggest question.

I have a relative that I understand is going to be paying @ $1800 a month for rent.  I know another person that thinks $600 for rent is a lot.  The increases in all of the normal utilities, and insurances, and other things is what noone takes into consideration.

Why would anyone pay more than $800-$900 to rent an apartment?  You really have to be off your rocker to do that.  On the other hand that person may only be able to show his masculinity by what he has, and lives in.  In regards to the one that thinks $600 is to much… well, I would like to see you find anything in NJ for less than that.  It’s not happening.

What the first light bulb doesn’t calculate… or chooses not to calculate is that he can get a mortgage that would put him into a REAL house for less.  Maybe he is insecure in his relationships, and wants to be able to bail out if it gets to tense.

People are continually throwing their money out the window on fruitless things.  I understand you can’t take it with you when you die, but at least make it so you can live until you die.

The other thing that I can’t understand about our government is this… The disabled, and elderly all got a rebate back this year.  Here is the crooked part… 1/2 of the people on SSI, or other program that got a rebate shouldn’t be eligible, but are because of crooked doctors, and lies that were made to our system years ago.  I know of a few people that should not be legitimatelly on SSI, but are.  Those people are taking our hard earned money.  The government really needs to reevaluate each, and every case that gets money.

People stop wasting money.  Government…Stop giving money to almost anyone.

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2 Responses to Living With The Economy

  1. Tom…I only speak the truth.  The parents are usually the ones to blame when you look at it with a microscope.  I know of a lot of parents that favoritize certain children, they would never EVER speak down about them, and treat them like they are gold.  Funny part is that the one that does help out the parents as much as possible is usually treated like the biggest JA.

  2. People have different ways to throw away money–kids, toys, dining out, dream cars, travel. If they afford paying their way then it’s no one’s business.