Little Kids Have Issues

Our little one has been getting upset because she is breaking out more, and more.  Wife tried to explain to her about the things that she eats, and what they do to the skin.  She isn’t happy at all, and wants to do something about the problem.

We just tried to show her how easy, and painless using special wax strips are, but she wasn’t a big fan of them.  She complained that they hurt when they came off.  Well, we have tried quite a few things, and have yet to find a good acne treatment that she will work with us on.

Any suggestions?  Please feel free to offer them up.

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One Response to Little Kids Have Issues

  1. My son started having skin issues with high school. He has long hair and basically the worst spot is where his hair falls on his forehead. After trying a few things, we noticed the best remedies involved using tea tree oil to dry up a blemish or a septi stick (those white sticks they have for shaving cuts), and the best cleaning regimen we found is Acne Free. We picked it up at Costco. He loves it. Of course, at first we had to have the talk consisting of my telling him that either you take the time to care for your skin, or you can deal with pimples. He decided that taking 10 minutes a day in the morning and after his shower at night is well worth the results. He gets breakouts on his forehead still, but they are fewer. He understands too that those will go along with the long hair.