Leave Nothing Open

When we park our camper for the winter we usually leave one or two of the windows cracked a small bit so that heat doesn’t build up, and also so that our camper can breath a bit.  Last year we found bees had made a nest behind the refrigerator.  That was promptly removed.  This year when we went to open the camper my wife alerted previous to entering the camper that she had seen either bees or wasps flying around the bathroom vent.  I told her that they can’t get into the camper from that vent because of the screens.  What did she do next?  Well, what she did was she took bug spray, and went into the camper.  She started spraying the insects from inside the bathroom.  She only forgot one thing.  She left the door on the camper open so basically the aggravated insects could come in after her, and she wouldn’t be able to do anything because she would have been cornered.  I stopped her immediatelly, and told her that I would take care of the problem.

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