Last One Out of NJ…Turn Out the Lights

I have noticed an increase in people wanting to get out of NJ.  I can’t imagine if that is because of the lovely job that our Governor is doing, or if the people think that the economy is better elsewhere.  The house I am in was worth far more 2 years ago than it is now.  Pretty ugly market we have going.

A few years ago everyone was looking into the Carolinas housing market.  Wilmington NC real estate, Charlotte SC, and other areas in the Carolinas.  I don’t blame people for wanting to move, but from everything that I have read about the economy… It is hurting everyone… everywhere.

I was looking at offers in the Florida area, and I could go there and get a house for 1/2 of what I own my house here for.  The most ironic thing about that is that the houses were 2 times the size of my current housing.  There are no jobs that are worth it in Florida for me, so we totally trashed the idea.

I would leave NJ in a heartbeat if I could get a job paying what I earn currently.  NJ has gotten so expensive to live in.

Would the last person out turn off the lights?

How is the economy hurting you, your family, and your housing?  Would you move if you could?

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3 Responses to Last One Out of NJ…Turn Out the Lights

  1. My family and I would move to go to Virginia if we ever needed to.
    Right now, we are doing okay and would be very tearful if we
    did have to leave for financial reasons. We would miss our friends/family
    members terribly!

  2. Tamara B…I thought of moving to Florida, but realized that I would lose all of my customers, and would have to start from scratch.

  3. Take it from someone who lives in Florida actually the panhandle do not come here! Yes the houses are bigger and low cost but the job pay is crap! I use to live in Orlando about 12 years ago and made 38,000 per year and only worked three days a week. Here they want to pay me 8.00 per hour for the same job. Also no one realizes the heat and humidty is unbearable. I hear that Tennessee is great low taxes, great priced houses and jobs.