Laptops Are Very Fussy

We have numerous laptops in our house.  I have one for business, one for recreation, and the wife has one.  Usually we only have small glitches, and I fix them promptly.  Well, the other day one started acting up, and the display now works intermitent.  If it wasn’t for the laptop insurance that we purchased I would have had a fit.  We called in, and told them what was going on.  They are sending a box, and then we ship it to them.  If they can’t fix it, or the cost to fix it is more than it is worth, then they will cash me out.

Have you ever wished you had some sort of coverage on a laptop, but didn’t actually have it?  I find that it is fully worth the money spent, so don’t be cheap.

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One Response to Laptops Are Very Fussy

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