Kids Have Big Dreams

My uncle “L” has a rather large parcel of property down south.  When we were last there visiting him our little one said that she wanted a horse.  She is truly a animal lover, and she used to ride the ponies in Disney until she hit the size limit for the ponies.  Now she wants to get into horseback riding.  She hit up uncle “L” to watch it for her.  We all laughed because we have tried explaining numerous times that having a horse isn’t just visiting it once, and a while.  We explained that there is a very large cost to having a horse.  We told her about food, vet, housing, and that is just for the horse.  We then explained that in order to ride the horse she would need equestrian apparel, and a lot of her own time if she had one.  She decided that it would just be too expensive for her to pay for, so she hit us up.  We told her that there would be no way that we could afford a horse, and all the extras.

She has high hopes, but doesn’t fully understand the cost of living, etc.  She understands small money matters, and that’s about it.  Does anyone have a horse that they don’t want?  How about some food, and the rest of the stuff to go with it?  I wasn’t being serious, so please don’t reply.

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One Response to Kids Have Big Dreams

  1. Uncle once had a horse on the property. Bunny pestered me for one. I withstood her pleas. Zoning prohibits in built up areas around here.