Just finished another venture…

I just finished getting a dedicated Blog Server running.

The server is designed with WordPress.  Each client that wants to use the server can either run their blog with their own supplied Domain name, as a subdomain of ours, or we can purchase one for you.  We have a dedicated IP, so configuring your A Name isn’t a problem. 

We have put a few up already…  You can view them at Http://myblogshome.com.  Users will be given a vast amount of plugins to use.  If there is a plugin that they need, they can notify us, and we will install it for them.  We offer FTP access on a AS-NEEDED policy.  Each user can also receive a set of dedicated email addresses once we finish that configuration.

I don’t plan on making a huge amount of money, but anything counts in this day, and age.  We will be charging $5 a month for Starter service, and as low as $8 a month for Premium service.  I am probably comparible to other blog sites, but there is a big difference… I interact with my servers daily, and do regular maintenance.  This is something a lot of the big companies don’t do.  They leave their servers run until there is a problem, or they have a set schedule for when they do their maintenance.  We also offer a FREE blog service.  Certain limitations apply.

I am trying to do my part in helping the public in posting their opinions, and whatever they choose.

Contact me for more information.


Some of our current blog clients are:








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2 Responses to Just finished another venture…

  1. All I ended up doing until I put the dedicated Blog server in was to actually point the Domain name at the IP, and Port. Then make sure you configure your router to send the requests to the machine the blog is on. If you need, or know anyone that needs… I host WordPress Blogs. (Cheap)

  2. Hi there,

    I read your post in the WordPress forum about trouble with your non-standard port number showing up in your URL… how did you fix that?