Junk I Can’t Even Throw Away

I was clearing out my office the other day, and ran into some of the equipment that I originally used when I first opened my business.  I found an epson receipt printer, and a credit card machine.  I thought about getting rid of them because for the most part I don’t take credit cards.  This is because of the fees that are involved.  Not only was I paying to take cards, but I was also in a contract just to be able to take cards.  Those fees where the biggest reason that I dropped all credit card access.  The machine probably cost me in excess of $1000.  Now when a customer insists on paying by credit card I refer them to Paypal.

I don’t have a contract, and I do not have to have any transactions to keep my account.  I went to get rid of them, and found the paperwork that was with them.  I found that I was supposed to return them when I dropped my contract.  I contacted them, and sent them back.  Don’t understand why, as credit card machines are basically disposable.

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