Jobs That I Would Easily Fit Into

Currently I am working out the last few days of my term as a salesperson for Sony.  You see I thought that I would be able to use my job there as a stepping stone.  Not that I won’t be able to, but the timeframe that I may be looking at is too vague.  I sat down the other night trying to figure out what I can do that I am qualified for.  I know computers to the extent that I sometimes even know more than the “So Called” Know-It-Alls.

I have been trying for quite sometime to get a job doing information security, integration, design, or something of that lines.  Recently I ran into a few jobs that require Master of Science in information security.  What is that you ask…  Well, the online MS in Information Security is an online course that will make it so that you can handle your organizations information security.  Almost all companies that have databases, and/or links to the internet need to be sure that their data is fully secure, and handled correctly at all times.

Now I am making my mind up if there stands a chance for me to get a decent job in the computer field, and complete my dream of working with computers for some real money.  I haven’t gotten any solid promises, but I do have high hopes.  If I can’t get anything soon I will have to continue running my company.  I don’t mind this, but I would rather be in a job that is doing what I do best.  That is interacting with computers, and electronics.

What have you seen about the job market that amazes you at this point?

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2 Responses to Jobs That I Would Easily Fit Into

  1. Brandi…I have gone back to my own business at this point.  I can only hope it works out.

  2. I am not sure about computer jobs. But I really hope you find something you love to do in the time you want to do it!