IZEA & St. Patricks Day

Today my wife brought me a box that was delivered by the USPS. She said that the USPS person just threw it on the porch, and she didn’t know if anything was broken.

To my surprise I had received a box from IZEA with St. Patricks Day goods in it.

I am a new blogger, and they sent this out to the bloggers that are part of their system.

They gave us (2) BlueFrog Energy Drinks, (1) KissMe Necklace, (1) Shamrock Necklace, (1) Shot Glass Necklace, Some Candy, (1) Pencil, (1) Button

Thank You for the box IZEA.  I will post a picture of the package shortly.

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4 Responses to IZEA & St. Patricks Day

  1. Thank You very much.  I hope to receive other “GIFTS” from IZEA.

  2. Glad to hear everything arrived in one piece! Just a little “thank you” for being part of our Community.

  3. You need a spell check for people like me who cannot see what they are typing without reading glasses.

  4. I know the whole world is concerned with gooing green but I cannot read the words. Please change the color so I can give this ppost whatever attention it desires.