Insurance Questions

For the past 2 years we have had insurance on our camper through our car insurance company.  Recently Allstate played a dirty game, and basically beat a lot of people out of their insurance.  Well, recently we called Geico, and had them quote us out.  After they were done quoting us I realized that a camper that I only use in the summer was going to cost @$50 to be insured when it isn’t even being used for those months.  We are trying to decide which way to handle this because when the camper isn’t moving the auto insurance doesn’t cover it, and yet the home insurance covers it because it is parked.  Which way would you handle this?  If anything happens my homeowners will pay me, and my auto will not even entertain anything because it isn’t hooked to the car.  Would you leave insurance on something that isn’t going to be covered by the insurance?

**This is my opinion, and this opinion is based on fact.

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One Response to Insurance Questions

  1. Insurane dependd on the investment and the risky factors. Up to you.