Insurance Carriers Are Shrewd

As I have said before I have to get a new insurance carrier for my automobiles.  This is because they didn’t get back the “Mandated” questionairre back from us.  After talking to several insurance company reps I came to the understanding that they had all heard of this quite considerably in the recent months.  In a lot of ways we are happy that Allstate is cancelling us.  We are going to be going through another company now.  When we called to get a quote we were told that we would be able to save @$50-$100 in comparison to Allstate.  Other companies needed to know about any auto insurance claims that I may have had in the past.  I told them about any claims, and they said that there wouldn’t be a major problem, but because of how Allstate termed one of them I would be paying a bit more than if there was none.

I can’t understand insurance companies.  You can’t fight with them about their decisions, and yet we are supposed to pay them for their coverages.  If something was wrong with my credit card bill all I would have to do is call, and they would fix it.  Insurance companies are far from this policy.

If you need quick car insurance, then I suggest you find a site that can give you rates, and other important information.  There aren’t many sites that answer everything in one shot.  Some out there want you to enter a lot of information, and then they call you back.  That is not acceptable by my standards.  One of the few that I found was  Check them out, and start from there.

Good Bye to Allstate.  May the customers not be with you.

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One Response to Insurance Carriers Are Shrewd

  1. You can always ask for a written determination then consider responding officially in writing to it. In this state there is a regulatory insurance commission.