In My Impression… Apex Digital Inc.

So, today I had to call Apex Digital Inc. tech support regarding an RMA on a lcd tv that a customer of mine had bought.  After discussing my situation…

Tv was bought in late 7/08.  The customer had a problem @ 1 month later with the tv.  I picked it up, brought it to a local service center that Apex had told me to go to.  After @ 2 months there, they called me, and told me that I had to ship it to Apex, and they could do nothing.

Back to today…

I get a average phone jockie at Apex, and explain.  He states there is nothing he can do.  I told him to give me his supervisor.  After 5 minutes a guy got on the phone, and said he was the supervisor, and wanted to know what he could do.  I advised him of the above situation.  He then stated that because the tv was now out of labor warranty that I would have to pay for not only shipping, but also a $60 repair charge.  I advised him once again that someone in tech support had told me to go to a local service center.  He said that noone on his team would do that, and that I would pay for the repair, or get nothing.  I firmly stated that I would not be paying for the labor, or the repair because some lacky gave me bad info, and their authorized servicer also had the unit for 2 months.

He got a little stronger with me, which by the way is not the smartest thing to do.  I then adivsed him that I wanted his boss.  He then said that he was the end of the line.  I gave him this… I have been in business 15+ years.  If I treated anyone like he was treating me, I would be out of business.  Furthermore, if you are the end of the line, why isn’t your name the same as the actual paper documented owner of the company?  He tried to hang up on me, at which point I advised him that I would make it my job to see his job questioned by the company.  He aggravated me to the point I probably gave him a few choice words.

Later that day I received a call from the consumer relations dept. of Apex.  I was advised that they needed to pull the well known recording of calls.  They would get back to me.  @3 hours later a nice lady called me, and stated they had pulled the tapes from the original call, and found that a tech had advised me to go to the local servicer.  She told me that she would address the issue in the morning with the correct person, and get back to me with the proper information, and resolution.

I made one last request of the lady.  Please have management look at the supervisors job, and question his actions with me, and maybe this man has done this to other people.  She understood, and said she would forward all pertinent information.

All I need to say is that Apex Digital Inc. is a horrible company when it comes to technical support.

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