I Want A Spa

I have wanted to get a few things to compliment my swimming pool, and my backyard over the past few years.  I told my wife that I would really like a spa.  They are very relaxing, and for us it wouldn’t have to go outside.  She agreed that it would be nice, but the additional costs would be something hard to grasp.  I told her that there isn’t that much involved in means of money once you purchase.  She said that she would have to buy lots of accessories to go with it like a spa cover, and special chemicals.  She further said that it would be like getting the swimming pool all over.  Between getting it, and connecting it to finally using it there is some time.  I told her that if I found the right one cheap that it wouldn’t be that bad.  She then bombed me with where it would go.  I told her that our 4 season back porch would be a great place.  She said no to that immediatelly.  She likes to have parties, and other things back there, and doesn’t want to lose any space from it.

Have you ever gotten a spa, and if you have what have you spent to maintain it?

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