I think I created a monster…

When I started playing Battlefield: Modern Combat I used to play the game for as many hours as the day could handle.  Now I play Battlefield: Bad Company.  My neighbor,  and I used to play Battlefield 2 on the PC once and a while.  When I got the PS3 game he said he would really like to play that.  I told him the more you play, the better you get.  He took that literally I think.

For Christmas they got the PS3, and the neighbor, and his son play the game.  The son is more ept to get the hang of a game quickly, as most children do when it comes to games.  The father is now trying to get the hang of the game, and he told me this afternoon that he was up till 5:30am playing the game.  He has come over my house, and watched me play, as I feel this is still the best way to “train” a person to play a Fast-Paced, FPS.

I used to play for a lot of hours when I first got the game.  I have laxed off a bit, and now I am lucky if I get on the game for 10 hours a week at this point.

Well, when his wife comes and kicks my butt we will know how long he is on the game.

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2 Responses to I think I created a monster…

  1. Glad to hear that. I gotta have some competition. Matt, You, and my little brother Lukasz are the only ones that have a big enough set to try, and take me on.

  2. This is the next door neighbor. Yes, I was up to 5:30 this morning playing. I’m having a little trouble using the controller. I can’t seem to move the gun and shoot quick enough. I am getting better, but me, and this controller don’t get along.
    I never do things half way, I’m a perfectionist, and won’t give up till I’m satisfied. The way its going I will have a few more late nights before I kick some booty. —–Bob—-