I Joined Family Values Cinema & Like It.

We are a family that loves a good movie.  I just recently joined Family Values Cinema.  Unlike my other club I can rely on Family Values Cinema for “Family” rated movies.  I don’t have time to check the actual “Family” ratings on movies, and that is why I joined this “Club.”

Here is what you get each month for $9.95 + S/H…

  1. 1 Family movie that has been approved by the National Board of Mothers
  2. 1 Recipe card for making a Family snack
  3. 1 Family Discussion card that discusses more than just the movie.  It helps build conversation in the family
  4. 1 activity for the whole family

This is what I have come to find out in reading, and speaking with the club President, Patty.

  • There is a group of @ 50 moms known as the National Board of Moms that view movies, and then personally rate them.
  • Family Values Cinema works with the Parents Television Council.
  • Family Values Cinema also works with The Dove Foundation.
  • The club has a FREE trial month available to show you what it can offer.  Just cover S/H.
  • The program comes with a “Book” to hold the movies that you receive.
  • The movies you receive are yours to keep.  No Rentals, No Returns.
  • If the movie doesn’t make the highest grade, then it is removed from the queue.

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