I Am Not Overweight!

I have never had anyone that I know tell me that they think I am overweight, or gaining weight.  Well, my wife has been making comments lately that she thinks I am gaining weight.  She wants me to start watching what I am eating, and she also wants me to do some exercising.  I don’t think I am overweight, and if there is anything that I can say is that my jeans are a bit looser than they used to be, and I am active.

She told me that maybe I should try out a diet with her, and maybe then she will stop hounding me.  I told her that I would not pay big bucks to eat very little, and take lots of pills, and drinks like the lipozene, SlimFast, or anything like that.  She said that I wouldn’t have to.

Do you ever feel pressured about something that you don’t think you should be?

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