I Am A Windows 7 HouseParty Host


I was just chosen to be a Windows 7 HouseParty Host.

What is a Host?

Well, I get to have a party with people I invite so that they can see, and learn about the newest operating system that is coming out… Windows 7.  There will be some food, a few door prizes, and maybe even a raffle of something.

How can you attend?

Visit: My Party Page and request to attend.

When is it?

October 22, 2009 at @8:00pm


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2 Responses to I Am A Windows 7 HouseParty Host

  1. Over Thirty Mommy…It is going to be nice to get a piece of software for FREE for a change.  I am going to put it on my laptop, as I don’t want to change my desktop yet.  I also don’t feel like training my whole house how to use Windows 7.

  2. Yeah!!! I am a Windows 7 host also. Could be fun!!!