Humorous Disney Video

Here is a video that I just had to put up for everyone.  I know it is quite old, but funny.
It was on MadTV, and you all should know by now that they can put a spin on just about anything.

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One Response to Humorous Disney Video

  1. I just watched one of the several supposedly humorous takeoffs on Disney. I don’t like its humor, and I do have a sense of humor–dry, very dry.

    Disney is about wonder and magic for the young and young at heart. Poking fun at the characters and their characterization lessens their positive role-modeling impact. Good should not be ridiculed; little minds believe what they see. Better for kids to be wary of strangers like the big bad wolf and avoid danger like the last of the little pigs. It’s old ones who infer. Take a look at the state of the world today. War, violence, economy are not good. Too bad the world cannot go back to simpler days and simpler things. In my day a positive example was the way to teach.

    This comedy is not to my taste.