How To Dress… In My Eyes

My daughter has been trying to discuss with us what she sees other kids wearing, and what she sees on tv.  She has told us about the outfits, and trends that I would think of as strange, and unusual.  In reality there is a totally politically correct terminology.  I have termed those people Free People.  They are free of responsibility, and concerns for what may not be appealing to the public.

I have explained to my daughter that people that dress a little off the reservation are always challenging the system.  How is that she asks, and I have to explain to her that as a business owner I hire those that are qualified.  Well, maybe someone is qualified, but doesn’t look correct so I could then overlook that person because I am willing to sacrifice something in order to get the better picture.

There is no legal ramifications for these actions.  It is all in how you say no.  A lot of kids don’t realize that looking strange does effect their futures.  Most don’t, or won’t care about not getting the job, so they move on.  I have tried to keep my daughter educated in dressing like a “Little Lady” so that nothing can stand in her way of her pursuit of happiness.

What do you think about how kids dress, and act?

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