Home Theater Installation Tips

I am a home theater installer for the past 10+ years, and I have been in business for 15+ years.  I have been with some of the biggest names in the industry.  I am continually asked about quality of installations, and I have some tips for you so that you won’t be taken advantage of, or improperly installed.

  1. Don’t let the technician make all of the decisions about your installation.  Make sure they know what you want overall.
  2. Don’t let the technician talk you into doing your electrical work unless they are licensed electricians.  (If there is any problems you want to be fully covered.)
  3. Size means everything.  Don’t get too big, or too small of a tv.
  4. Front speakers need to be to the left, and right of a tv, and not at the ceiling.
  5. The center channel needs to be under the tv, and not above.
  6. Subwoofer should be at the back of a room, and not the front.
  7. Try to get a Advanced Learning Remote Control.  They make it so you only need 1 remote for everything.

Systems that are all contained in 1 speaker bar are not true surround sound.  Avoid these at all costs.

Systems with speakers that must be wired to the subwoofer should also be avoided.  These are not systems that perform in comparison to a system with a receiver head, and individual speakers.

Systems like the Bose, and other All-In-One home theater units do not have the capability of multiple inputs, so you can’t tie all of your equipment into one system without major additional costs.

“In my opinion Bose is highly overrated, and the sound will never compete with a real surround sound system.”

I would recommend either Sony, or Onkyo.  Both names have a very good receiver unit, and they can be connected to almost any speakers.

This review is based on opinion, and should be treated as such.

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One Response to Home Theater Installation Tips

  1. I have a theater system installed and my husband loves it.
    I find it annoying with the sound being so loud from the subwoofers.
    He keeps it on 60 or better for the sound that I think I actually have gunfire in my house or a crash sometimes.
    I have become used to it and for the most part (except for the above) I do enjoy it also!
    Keep the sound down Hubby!!!