He Can Fly!

Don’t shoot the messenger… My opinion is just that… OPINION!

Just found this on the web, and wanted everyone to see it.

This was rumored back @ 4 months ago, but no solid proof.  Well, here is the proof.  This comes direct from the Aerophile website.


Dear friends,

We are proud to announce you that a new tethered balloon for WALT DISNEY WORLD® RESORT, lifts off next spring.

Downtown Disney® in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., will get its own iconic attraction, in the form of a giant tethered balloon that will take guests 300 feet into the air to view the vistas of Walt Disney World® Resort starting next spring.

The balloon will give visitors keen for thrills the chance to ascend to the skies above Downtown Disney® for a six-minute trip, by day or night. It will give up to 30 guests at a time an unparalleled, 360-degree view of up to 10 miles. 

The balloon is the newest and largest of the company’s Aero30 model, with a volume of 210,000 cubic feet, a 72-foot diameter, a circumference of 240 feet, and a height of 105 feet. It has a quick 8 points mooring system and a landing platform on the lake designed especially for Downtown Disney®.

With our operation in Disneyland Resort Paris since April 2005 and two systems currently in operation in California (at Great Park in Irvine, and at Wild Animal Park in San Diego), this balloon will be our 2nd operation with Disney and 3rd in the US. 

We will be very glad to wellcome you at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Fla., from November 18 to 21 at booth 3033.

While I think this might be nice, there is also a real question… Who brainstormed this?  From Downtown Disney what is a person really going to see, and in 6 minutes?  In Disney it takes an hour in most cases to get on a ride.  30 people???  Well, I forsee a lot of people fighting to see the same thing.

Can you picture it?  Look over there, there is a thing in the woods.  Where?  Where?  Thump, Ooomph, Splat.  I don’t see anything.  Better call an ambulance, as I think I just accidentally knocked someone out.

Where do they come up with these things?  How much is this venture going to cost?


I think that Downtown Disney was left better with the clubs, and such.  Maybe they needed to do some work on the area, and clean up some of the policies, but in general the area was great.  (Barring the few drunks that is.)

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3 Responses to He Can Fly!

  1. I will have more witty insight.  Keep checking.

  2. I don’t think that this is very smart, or practical. Why would I pay any amount of money to be in a “cage” 300 feet above Disney.
    Realistically what am I going to see?
    Pricewise… Disney is probably going to charge prime dollars.
    Money I would rather spend in the parks, or possibly shopping.

    I think that Disney is wasting money, and time on this project.

    P.S. – Keep up the nice work that you are doing with the site.

  3. After I read this, I checked google for the price of a hot air balloon ride. The first one that came off was for $175 after a $50 off coupon.
    Do the math–how many people on board, how many times an hour for a how many minute ride–Disney will be a bigger winner than the gambling casinos.

    Well, it’s certain there will be no more Adventurer’s Club. I loved that one since the gorilla dusted some people off. A lot of people on convention and young adults are disgruntled that WDW is no longer a whole package. I know one young man who is planning on spending his time and money in Universal with its City Walk.

    Maybe Disney should look at the economy and give the guests a break.